Main Market Square

The Old Town Hall on the Main Market Square

Located in the center of the Main Market Square, the Old Town Hall is the main object of interest for all tours coming here.

The Passageways and Cloth-halls

Visiting the Main Market is inseparably connected with a tour of the Cloth Hall and the passage between rows of tenement houses.

Historic Tenement Houses in The Main Market Square

The Main Market Square in Wroclaw is surrounded on all sides with historic tenement houses that attract the attention of numerous tourists.

Monument of Aleksander Fredro

Fredro's monument is a place where tourists are very happy to take souvenir photos.

The history of the Main Square in a nutshell

Since the dawn of its existence, marked in 1242 Main Market in Wroclaw served as a market square with dimensions of 212 x 175 meters. Bread, fat, canvas and metal products were sold on the Main Market.

There were also service points on the Market, for example tailors and shoemakers. Initially, the activity was carried out in wooden huts, and the bricked objects appeared only at the end of the 13th century. On the Main Square itself and around it, there are numerous monuments that are the most valuable treasure of national heritage. 11 streets pass from the market in all directions. Behind the south-western corner of the Main Market Square there is an auxiliary market called Salt Square.