Ostrów Tumski

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

Visible from many places in Wroclaw and constituting the central panorama point of Ostrów Tumski Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is a showcase of the city.

The Church of St. Idzi

Tumski Bridge

Leading from Ostrów Tumski to Wyspa Piasek Most Tumski. Behind the bridge, you can see the huge lump of the Church of St. Mary on the Sand.

Church of St. Cross and St. Bartholomew

Explore Ostrow Tumski

Ostrów Tumski is the place from which originates the city of Wroclaw. Ostrów Tumski is also historically a religious center of Wroclaw. It was here around the ninth century that the original city of Wroclaw was built, which Bolesław Chrobry raised to the rank of bishopric in the year 1000.

In its beginnings Ostrów Tumski functioned as an island, which only in 1824, thanks to one of the branches of Odra owerwhelming, was incorporated into the mainland. You will find here many of the oldest monuments of Wroclaw. The map located at the bottom of the page will help you plan a tour of Ostrów Tumski.

The route of Wroclaw sightseeing

While visiting Wroclaw you can take advantage of the route of Wroclaw sightseeing. Depending on your form and time you are going to spend in each place walking through this route can take 1 or 2 days. We describe this route on the basis of our own trips around Wroclaw and information collected on this occasion.