What is worth seeing in Wroclaw

What is worth seeing in Wroclaw
What is worth seeing in Wroclaw

Do not you want to get bored and spend time in Wroclaw in an interesting way? On this page you will find the most interesting attractions and places worth seeing here.

People who prefer walking and a more cognitive way of spending time will find here suggestions for visiting the most important and worth seeing monuments in Wroclaw.

Attractions worth seeing

The most popular attractions include visiting the Main Market Square, where there are also many clubs and restaurants. When looking for a good place, you should also stroll along the streets adjacent to the Market Square. There are a lot of them there, mostly hidden in old tenement houses, their inner courtyards and basements. Many of them are opened only in the evening.

Attractions in the Main Market Square

The Main Market Square is famous not only for its monuments. This is a place worth seeing due to numerous attractions and events.

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is an oasis of beauty and harmony in the center of Wroclaw. A popular place for relaxation and walks.

The Botanic Garden

The Botanical Garden is worth visiting in spring and summer. It strikes then with the fervor of colors and fragrances.

Tourist boat tours on the Odra

During a cruise on the Odra River you will see many monuments and other attractions from a different perspective.

ZOO in Wroclaw

ZOO is a place of numerous trips and walks, where many families with children spend their time pleasantly.

If you spend your time in Wroclaw with children, you must visit the Japanese Garden, Botanical Garden and ZOO. Very nice, especially during sunny weather are trips by a tourist boat on the Odra. From the deck of the ship you can admire the panorama of Wroclaw and places that are invisible from the mainland - it is worth taking a camera or a photo camera with you. Walkers can also be interested in the famous Wroclaw dwarfs located around the center. It is also worth taking a walk along the Promenade, see Grunwaldzki Bridge and the fountains located next to it.

Monuments worth visiting

Wrocław is a city rich of monuments and in this respect comparable with Krakow. Also if you are passionate about history and getting to know the city's culture in the past centuries, you will surely find plenty of places to see. First of all, you should visit Ostrów Tumski and Main Square Market. These two places, which are also the showcase of Wroclaw, are full of monuments that you can admire while walking or if you have more time to explore from the inside. Wrocław is also sometimes called a city of bridges, of which there there are probably the most in the country. Many of them are historic crossings that can be enjoyed from the mainland or from the deck of a cruise ship.

The Main Market Square

The Main Market Square is a place where many tourists are attracted by beautiful monuments.

The Salt Square

It is worth visiting Salt Square, learn about its stories and walk among the numerous florists.

Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski is the oldest district of Wroclaw, which every tourist must see.

Historic tenement houses

Visiting the Main Market Square, it is worth paying special attention to the numerous historic tenements that surround it.

Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors, it is also worth seeing Guerrilla Hill (Wzgórze Partyzantów) with the Belvedere and the nearby Słowacki Park near Podwale St. The scientific character of the city is underlined by Leopoldin - the historic main building of the University of Wrocław located at Grodzka St.. The Ossolineum is also nearby with a beautiful square in the courtyard.

Raves and events in Wroclaw

Wroclaw lives a party atmosphere throughout the year. The tourists from Poland and abroad who play here and businessmen eagerly take part in events organized in local clubs and discos. Students who make up 25% of the city's population play a large role in the Wroclaw world of entertainment. They are both animators of many events and raves as well as their active participants.

In addition to club parties in Wroclaw, many cultural, music and sports events are organized. A large part of them are open events with free admission. Many of them take place on the Main Square - concerts, artistic performances, showcases, fairs, promotional events, exhibitions.

As you can see in Wroclaw, there is really a lot to do both on weekends and on holidays. Although it is a metropolis, many people come to Wroclaw to spend their free time here and treat this trip as a great entertainment.

The route of Wroclaw sightseeing

While visiting Wroclaw you can take advantage of the route of Wroclaw sightseeing. Depending on your form and time you are going to spend in each place walking through this route can take 1 or 2 days. We describe this route on the basis of our own trips around Wroclaw and information collected on this occasion.